Good Deities and Their Domains Edit

Name Title Domain
Wee Jas Goddess of Magic and Death Death
Erathis Goddess of Civilization and Invention Knowledge
Bahamut God of Justice and Nobility Life
Corellon God of Magic and the Arts Light
Melora Goddess of Wilderness and the Sea Nature
Kord God of Strength and Storms Tempest
Sehanine Goddess of the Moon Trickery
Moradin God of Creation War

Evil Deities and Their Domains Edit

Name Title Domain
Torog God of the Underdark Death
Vecna Goddess of Evil Secrets Knowledge
Raven Queen Goddess of Life and Death Life
Malar God of the Hunt Nature
Gruumsh God of Destruction Tempest
Lolth Goddess of Spiders and Lies Trickery
Tiamat Goddess of Wealth, Greed, and Vengeance War

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